Ink Tutorial

January 28, 2011 at 6:56 pm (Motion Graphics)

Testing out some ink paining for different styles that might suit the main project. Going to look at a few tutorials to give me some hints & ideas


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TV Show Synopsis & Information

January 27, 2011 at 4:27 pm (Motion Graphics)

Target Audience:

13 – 16


Irish Mythology: Fairies stealing children

Ailish & her family move to a new house, from city to country. Ailish befriends Conor, trying to impress her he takes her to the forest & tells her tales about the fairy world. She gets kidnapped by the fairies, Conor follows her into the world as he feels responsible for her getting trapped in the first place.

Is kidnapped & taken to the Otherworld (fairy world), meets up with Conor who has been in the world for a few years.  Eoin takes pity on the children & tries to help them escape. Hunted by the fairy queen Morrigan.

Initially Ailish doesn’t remember her past/family because of her time spent with the fairies. These memories come back with more time spent away from the Sidhe, but not before she begins to develop feelings for Eoin therefore creating a love triangle between the 3 main characters. Key memories from her past will be shown through flashbacks.

Morrigan the queen of the fairies is angry at one of her power sources being stolen so she &the Sidhe clan hunt the 3 main characters.

First season focuses on the 3 main characters that are stuck in the fairy Kingdom & Otherworld & trying to get home, while avoiding being caught by Morrigan & Sidhe clan

Show set a few weeks/ months after Ailish has moved to the small rural town?

Second Season : get out of the fairy world still hunted by the Sidhe


Ailish (15)

Originally from the city, moves to country with her family. Not happy about leaving her friends behind, resents the country. Is impressed by Conor, who is one of the only people being friendly with her.  Gets kidnapped by the fairies.

Spends sometime in the fairy kingdom, eventually forgetting her life back in Ireland. As time moves differently in the fairy world 1 day in human world is 1 year in fairy world.  When Eoin and Conor come to rescue her, she has no idea who they are.

Conor tries to help him remember who she is. Her memory comes back after spending some time away from the Sidhe, but not before she begins to develop feelings for Eoin.

Style clothers – skinny jeans, tee shirt, hoodie, trainers

Fairies give her a dress when she is kidnapped

Corset – top, long flowing layered material, much like what they themselves wear.

Characteristics: Independent, strong-willed, naïve,

Conor (16)

From the small town that the show is set in (something like Ramelton). Maybe doesn’t get along with some of the others in town, he tries to be himself, while others in the town just try and be popular, fit in with the crowd (sheep).

Befriends Ailish and tries to impress her with old fairy legends he’s been told by his grandmother. The two of them could start dating, defiantly like each other. Takes her into the forest at halloween, where she gets taken by the fairies.

Feels responsible for getting her lost in woods. Follows her into the fairy world. Tries to find her, meets Eoin who has been stuck in the fairy world for years. Eoin agrees to help him in his search as he has his own personal vendetta against the Sidhe.

Style – longer straight hair, jeans,

Characteristics: Kind, sweet, funny, joker, brave, optimist.


(17 in human years, unknown how long he has actually been in Otherworld) – bit of a rebel. Walks with an air of confidence, that makes him seem taller than he actually is.

Originally from Ireland, but has been stuck in the fairy world for 100’s of years. He is bitter and wants revenge on the fairies for kidnapping him & for killing the only person he ever loved (and for making him forget her while he was in their kingdom – his memories of her came back eventually, but not completely). He has been trying to get out of the fairy world / get revenge on the fairies ever since he was released from the fairy kingdom to the other world.

Ailish is a reincarnation of a girl he loved, so he becomes totally transfixed with her. His price for helping Conor find Ailish is Ailish.

Style: Shirt – old white (medieval style, criss-cross at the top), brown baggy trousers and boots.  Medieval peasant.

OR Fairy style clothes??

Characteristics: Self-confident, bold, arrogant, cocky, misunderstood, trapped, funny.


(unknown, but ancient) – evil Sidhe fairy queen. 2 looks – one is human like, other smaller evil (can turn into a crow). Morrigan gets the Sidhe to steal the children from Ireland; they are a magical power source for her & her Sidhe clan. They treat the children well when they are in the Sidhe Kingdom, there is dancing, singing & everyone is merry. But this is a front, behind the scenes they are cruel & wicked. Once the children turn to adults they are banished from the Sidhe kingdom, left to fend for themselves in the Otherworld.

Morrigan wants to be the Ruler of all fairies, not just the Sidhe. She plans to amass enough power to take control of all the Otherworld. When Ailish is taken from her she is outraged. This is why she hunts the characters.

Characteristics: Evil, greedy, manipulative, charming

Title (options)

  • Path of Darkness
  • Path to Darkness
  • Otherworld
  • Stolen
  • Gone
  • Gate to Darkness
  • Sidhe
  • Folklores&Fables
  • Ancient Tales
  • Vanished

Would have an Irish title but may be hard for audiences to pronounce

Originally going to be: The Sidhe


  • No one ages in the Otherworld (similar to Tir na nOg)
  • Time moves a lot quicker – 1 year in fairy world is only a day in the human world
  • Inhabited by Fairies and other creatures from Irish Myth.
  • Lots of different clans of Fairies, some good some evil, but the show will focus on the Sidhe
  • Weakness of Sidhe: Many enemies, from trying to gain power & enemies with any good fairies in the Otherworld
  • Motivation: Ruled by Morrigan Queen of the she. Her ultimate goal is to rule the Otherworld
  • Strengths: Allies with evil fairies in the Otherworld. Magical abilities

Areas/ locations

Each area will have a particular tone/and dominant colours to give the viewer a visual clue as to where they characters are at that point & when they move to a new area

Modern Day Rural Irish town – green

Similar to Ramelton, small town with river running through & surrounded by forests. Everyone knows everyone else in the town. Notice the amount of younger people that go missing from the area, some believing in the old fairytales, while others coming up with their own explanations or just ignoring the fact.

Modern Day Irish City – blue/grey

Shown through flashbacks to Ailish’s past, when she recovers key memories.

Ancient Ireland – browns/yellows

If there are any flashbacks from Eoins past they will be based in ancient Ireland, during his time spent in the normal world, before he was taken by Morrigan.

Sidhe Kingdom – red/pink/golden

Bright colourful, full of music & laughter. Sharp contrast between it and the Otherworld

Otherworld – purple/yellow/black

Otherworld covers an enormous area, so like our world there are many different areas, with different looks & climates.

Areas that the characters will be in are part of the “Badlands”. These lands surround the Sidhe kingdom for miles around. They are dark, drery and oppressive. Majority of it is made up of large menacing forests, labyrinths, old abandoned castles & buildings, rivers, mushrooms.

Weather: similar to that of Irish weather

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January 13, 2011 at 3:32 pm (Motion Graphics)


War paint – Shadows (remix): Hauting, modern, errie song. This kind of song could be used for the title sequence…could be a little too slow, maybe something with a little more energy

Slower, less gothic than some of the other songs, but could deffinatly see this song appealing to the target market

Very rock/gothic style. Nice changes that would keep the audience interested. Quite eerie & haunting at the start, but moves into more rock with hints of pop

Start is very haunting & sets up the atmosphere, but could be too slow for an opening sequence. Might not hold the audiences attention for too long. Would probably need to be cut & edited together. The music after that is quite heavy & dramatic. Would work well for a fantasy show. Images to go with it would needed to be quite dramatic to go along with it. Could it be a little too dark for the target audience?

Also a part later in the song that sounds quite Irish around 7:20, also very dramatic, but quite a bit heavier than the previous piece of music


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